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Completion of editing.

February 11, 2014

Though the task took much longer than I’d anticipated, it feels good to have the two novellas out of my completed work that I think are worth sharing, finally edited and posted.

The lesson I’ve learnt from this endeavour is, I am most certainly not an editor. I will certainly admit it was a invaluable learning experience, and my writing has vastly improved from the specialised thinking that goes into editing.

But at the same time I’ve been neglecting the vast quantity of story idea and outlines that have been awaiting my attention, and displaying their displeasure by multiplying on me.

I’m not entirely sure where I will be going with this blog now the work I’d planned has been completed, as the main reason behind the blog was to break the daunting task of editing into smaller more manageable chunks and to have a convenient place to send people if they wanted to have a read.

I’ll be going back to one of the novels I’d been writing before I took a break for this, which I’ve half written. So I’m not entirely sure what/when I might post something new, until the novel’s first draft is completed.

I thank everyone who has read or reads the stories I’ve posted, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did writing them.


J.M Brown


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  1. Read the first 3 of red in the meadow- but i coudnt work out a theme, or timeline. I first thought of the blitz , running from the air raids. Then i thought of volcanos and ash clouds and flapping togas??? Then i was in robin hood times, or game of thrones? There is no description to grasp onto to start – but ill keep going. Thanks for the read.

    • Thanks for commenting, it’s always good to receive feedback.

      This was the first story I completed, and it’s interesting that I never noticed the ambiguity in the beginning of the story, which only starts becoming clearer after chapter four.

      Hopefully you’ll enjoy the story and I look forward to any other comments or feedback you might have.

      • Sure thing, i do it myself – and never see the problem until my wife says things like :

        “So this is in space?” Or ” is he a child?”

        I get frustrated then read it over and think im the biggest donkey on the planet.

  2. Yeah it’s the curse of being the writer, you know exactly what’s going on. That’s why it’s so important to have other people view what you’ve done, to get that external view point.

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