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Running, running, running. To where? From what? I no longer know. All I know is I must never stop. Will I ever remember why I am running? Will I receive a clue? I cannot even see what is around me anymore, only the ground before my feet.

The only thing going through my mind is right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot. I must concentrate. If I fall I know everything will be over, even if I do not remember why.

Was that a noise of something behind? Is that light from the finish line ahead? Every time I expect it to end, I find myself still running.

Wait, I see something ahead in my narrowed vision… wait, do I also hear something behind? I can no longer tell what is real and what is imagined. How long have I continued to run? How have I managed to keep going, to not collapse from exhaustion?

Before me is light and blurred silhouettes of people. Finally the finish line, finally I can stop running.

They are waving, shouting, but my eyes can barely see, my ears can no longer hear.

The ground shakes beneath my feet. I stumble.

I look back and see what I had thought imagined, was real. A mass of horror charging towards me. Had this been why I was running?

I look towards the light and the people waiting. My vision clears enough to see them. Instantly my eyes are drawn to the figure in the center, their terrified expression as they scream.

Everything floods back into me. I was not running away. I needed to reach these people… to reach this person.

With no time left, I pull the data disk from my pocket and throw it with all my remaining strength.

A smile on my face as I see it soar through the air, knowing it will reach them. “Use that and live!” I scream hoarsely, unsure if my voice carries.

I am content in my final thought. I succeeded. You will now survive, my love. DARKNESS.

Inspiration and distraction.

Apparently when I get distracted I’m not happy with only having my attention drawn away from the story I want to focus on, but I get distracted from my distraction, so now I’m doubly far away from what I’m really want to work on.

I know it’s not so bad since it’s still related to writing, which is one of my hobbies I derive the most enjoyment from, but you would think there is a limit to how far I can wander off course.

Some of the blame must be laid at the feet of my other favourite hobby, listening to music (which I have playing in the background almost all the time) As this most recent distraction is the inspiration from my favourite track “Nosaj Thing – Eclipse/Blue” that I have on continuous repeat (I get a bit obsessive about music I love)

I love being surprised with a new story idea or concept, though it happens a little too often for how quickly I can complete a story, since I can be inspired by nearly anything. Sometimes from the beat or lyrics of a song. It’s also possibly from a book, movie or really any story telling medium, that I sometimes wonder or wish had gone in a different direction. And then I am left writing a story outline and trying to find where in my priority list it belongs.

The Hidden Valley – Chapter One

(Chapter contains -samaSakura tree and Jinbei. See Glossary for explanation if needed)



The Hidden Valley – Glossary

Nearly have the first chapter of the five chapter story edited and ready to post, so I though it might be a good idea to release a glossary since this story has some themes and terms borrowed from Japanese culture, for anything people might not already know about, so you don’t have to go looking around for an explanation.

-sama (A term used when referring/talking to someone who is a much higher rank than the speaker)

Sakura tree (Cherry blossom tree) (Images Below)

Sakura TreeSakura Flowers

Jinbei (Usually worn as a form of nightwear or house wear)(Image Below)


Samue (Worn by monks of most Japanese Buddhist traditions when performing labour duty such as temple maintenance and field work)(Image Below)


Kimono (are T-shaped, straight-lined robes worn so that the hem falls to the ankle, with attached collars and long wide sleeves. Kimono are wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right and secured by a sash called an obi, which is tied at the back.)(Image Below)


Obi (Formal obi worn by men is rather narrow, 10 centimetres (3.9 in) wide at most. The men’s obi is wrapped around the waist, below the stomach and tied with a simple knot in the back.)

Too many stories for one person to control.

Two bits of news,

Firstly, apparently my return to my in-progress novel has been delayed, as I’ve found my attention stolen by a short story I’d finished and that was awaiting editing… proving once and for all that I’m a sucker for punishment as there are few things I find more tedious and time-consuming than editing.

The story “The Hidden Valley”(tentative title) will be released in five parts and is currently 8,881 words, but if the past is any indication that will inevitably increase as I attempt to make the story less terrible. I only hope I will manage to get it finished at a faster pace than the previous two novellas I edited.

(edit) Thinking about this post afterwards, I was stuck by my horrible ability to come up with a title for my stories. I have spent days in the past in deep thought in a vain attempt to think of something suitable, only to find myself sorely lacking. Leaving me with only one choice, to settle for something I can only shake my head at.

Secondly, I have been debating with myself on whether or not to post pdf downloads of the two novellas I have edited and posted on this blog and came to the conclusion that it’s better to have them available even if only a single person uses them, than not give people the option.

Hopefully the links below will work correctly and I’m more than happy for you to share them around if you think someone might enjoy them. Though it’s kind of disappointing I haven’t gotten around to organising covers for them yet, even if I know what I’m after :(

It Ends at Sky Peak (Novella)
Red in the Meadow (Novella)

Completion of editing.

Though the task took much longer than I’d anticipated, it feels good to have the two novellas out of my completed work that I think are worth sharing, finally edited and posted.

The lesson I’ve learnt from this endeavour is, I am most certainly not an editor. I will certainly admit it was a invaluable learning experience, and my writing has vastly improved from the specialised thinking that goes into editing.

But at the same time I’ve been neglecting the vast quantity of story idea and outlines that have been awaiting my attention, and displaying their displeasure by multiplying on me.

I’m not entirely sure where I will be going with this blog now the work I’d planned has been completed, as the main reason behind the blog was to break the daunting task of editing into smaller more manageable chunks and to have a convenient place to send people if they wanted to have a read.

I’ll be going back to one of the novels I’d been writing before I took a break for this, which I’ve half written. So I’m not entirely sure what/when I might post something new, until the novel’s first draft is completed.

I thank everyone who has read or reads the stories I’ve posted, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did writing them.


J.M Brown


Red in the Meadow – Chapter Thirteen (Epilogue)

It was a long and slow process, nursing Celia back to health, needing twice as much nursing than he would have expected. Her hair never managed to returned to its original vivid colour, though it had regained some colour, reaching a soft red.

With a little help, Celia had begun taking the gradual steps towards untainted feeling of happiness and actually being comfortable with herself.

As her state of mind cleared, Celia even began wanting to spend their afternoons in the small meadow, visiting the shrine they’d built in honour of both their parents.

Rune was also feeling more confident in his role of supporting Celia, now that she didn’t try to hide her emotions from him anymore and allowed him to comfort her during those times the memories became too much.

It wasn’t long before he started seeing Celia’s real smile, which only continued to occur more often as each day passed, until it became rare for her to not be showing her cheerfulness.

As the pain inside Celia ceased holding her back, Rune found an unexpected blessing as he was finally able to hear her sing. After which not a day went by that he didn’t ask her to sing, loving every moment he got to hear her beautiful voice.

One day when they were on the roof of his house repairing some of the damaged wooden shingles, a man walked up to them mentioning how word was spreading that Celia the Saint was rebuilding this village and he’d come wanting to help.

That man ended up being only the first of many, as people of all kinds and backgrounds arrived, all wanting to lend their knowledge and expertise.

A common theme among them was they’d all experienced or seen the affects of Celia’s kindness and deeds, and jumped at the opportunity to give something back.

Some of the arrivals had been once orphans she’d met many years ago, now grown up and living successful lives. To her surprise there was even someone from the very first orphanage she’d visited thirteen years ago.

It was a blessing that no one seemed taken aback by the strangeness surrounding Celia, as she hadn’t aged since meeting them. Nor was there a comment about her changed hair colour, as everyone easily accepted her for who she was and what she’d done.

The community continued to grow rapidly, quickly out pacing the speed at which they could construct the new buildings, as many people arrived with their families.

No matter the person’s skills or profession, everyone cheerfully found a way of helping the growing village, even the children found way of helping beside their parents.

A little unexpectedly, Celia was actually enjoying the liveliness that had quickly surrounded them, which came as a relief to Rune.

Celia’s one gripe was that people kept forgetting her wishes in regards to ceasing with the saint nonsense, Rune noticed a number of people also found her struggling towards this goal amusing.

After a single year it was impossible to believe the village had once been ruins, with its now bustling population.

One day a small group of orphans arrived, all dirty and starving. Everyone quickly adopted them into the village, as if they were one big family, setting about looking after them and giving them everything they needed.

It was a simple decision for everyone to construct extra buildings, and become a welcoming place for anyone in need, giving them a place they could feel at home.

Rune was amazed at how harmoniously everyone lived together, always helping each other out, which really made him love the village and the people inhabiting it.

That following spring, during one of the festivals everyone was holding, Rune watched Celia dancing with one of the children the village had taken in, it was plainly evident that she was easily having as much fun as her small dance partner.

Knowing it was the right time, Rune made his way to Celia and after asking for the next dance, finally asked her to marry him. After a moment of shock and embarrassment from being asked in front of everyone, said yes as she embraced him tightly.

The festival quickly turned into a celebration party, as the whole village congratulated them and began preparations to hold the ceremony the very next day, as everyone had been waiting for the day with bated breath.

Celia and Rune choose to hold it at the meadow where their life together had begun, and hoped both their parents would look down and watch the joyous occasion.

The village became so caught up with celebrating, that was still going months later. This was much to the dismay of the embarrassed couple, who’s frequent requests to stop were always declined with a smile, as everyone was enjoying themselves too much, even if it was sometimes at the expense of the newlyweds.

Many happy years later, they were having a picnic in the meadow.

“Would you have ever thought your life could change this much Dear?” Rune asked lovingly.

Celia laughed softly. “Never in all my wildest dreams. I do finally understand our parents thoughts and wishes, they really are the most precious things in the world.” she said blissfully.

With his own proud smile, he looked down at their pride and joys. “I really do know what you mean. Now you’re a bit young, but Brock and Rose, these are your grandparents. We owe them everything, so we hope you’ll love them as much as we do.”

Leaning towards Rune, Celia kissed him on the cheek as she continued to gently bounce Brock on her lap, and chuckled when she noticed a restless Rose trying to escape her father’s clutches.

Their children, not even a year old, had been born twins and decided to divide their parents’ traits equally

Brock took his father’s black hair and her emerald eyes, while Rose had his golden eyes and to both their surprise had inherited Celia’s vivid red hair, which was always being brushed by her mother.

“This really is only the beginning of our happiness isn’t it.” She said with contentment.

Rune kissed her on the lips. “It really is only the beginning, so I hope you’re ready for it to last a very long time.”

“I think I might be able to live with that.” she said while snuggling closer to Rune, resting her head on his shoulder.

Unbeknown to the joy filled family in the meadow below, their own parents were continuing to watch over them.

“I’m so pleased that ended as well as we’d planned.” Brock said with a satisfied nod.

Celia’s mother laughed pleasantly. “It did, I really don’t think there could have been a better ending for them.”

“I love the twins, they’re so adorable. But I hope they have a few more, as I always wanted a large family. I’d actually been silently hoping you’d give me a litter of pups Brock.” Rose  added with a saucy chuckle.

Celia’s father laughed along with them. “That is something I would have loved to see… It’s nice to think we can finally relax now, since all our hard work has paid off.” he said beaming proudly.

Filled with bliss, they continued to watch over their precious family, sharing in all their happy days.


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